I am not a meditator

An old friend ever asked me whether I was being enrolled any meditation school to become a meditator. I simply said “no”, since I am not a meditator, nor doing any form of meditation methods. It has been a common opinion that one who is a meditator has some prestige value within the society. No, I have no idea about meditation or being a meditator. I am simply a child within this vast universe, simply flow with the rhythm of life and the wind of my emotions.

I have no interest in meditation, but I won’t say it has no good for one’s life. Many people has found a great help inside meditation world, I have been given some chances to join multiple meditation class or short course. But for me a flowing life is a great breath without any boundaries. Ah…, maybe since I still have my young spirit. If you feel good with meditation – why not?

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