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Yesterday I went to secondhand reseller shop with my neighbor to sold his old television. Something has catch my eyes with black & green cover, an old fashioned book entitled with “General Biology”. I picked the book up, and read it page per page.

And old book by Willis H. Johnson dated back to May, 1965 where it was printed in United States of America. Its about the the general biology which I used to study back in high school, how wonderful a reminiscence of past came again.

Then I remember, my brother took my histology book last week to study about cellular science, but obviously its only contain about human cellular and tissues. I thought he would need this book for his study. So, I bought the book for about $ 7.6. Well, it still expensive for an old secondhand book.

But for an old book, the cover and the content (pages, letters, pictures) still on good condition. I really think that the old owner must be take it with a good care. Somehow, the feeling of that good care flows within every pages I read carefully.

The science must be preserved for the next generation, so they can know how to use it for the good of this life. And the science should be enhanced in our generation, so we could understand how to life with harmony in a better terms.

I think now, I need to send this book to my brother as soon as possible, since he would be need it for his paper.

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7 tanggapan untuk “General Biology TextBook

  1. Latin term to refer things in biology makes me hate the subject so much. yes! it was a little of my high school logs

    but pollination! i could sit in the class for hours … lol


  2. Pak Jarwadi,
    Well, everything has their black & white side, we can hope something perfectly good just for us to learn, fun & easy.


  3. Pak Aldy,
    Hi hi, daripada isi lemari buku dikuras. mending mencarikan satu yang pas :).

    Memangnya ada musik seperti itu di blog ini? Saya ndak merasa ada memasang script apapun berhubungan dengan musik. Apa dari ads ya… :(.


  4. Elmoudy,

    Padahal sebenarnya cuma pelajaran yang diulang-ulang dan ditambah-tambah semenjak zaman SD :D. Pun demikian materinya memang banyak.


    Memang kenapa prakteknya, kamu yang dijadikan bahan ya :D.


  5. Yach biologi,
    Hmm, yap jadi saudara memang harus sedikit memperhatikan saudara, buku mungkin solusi yang baik.

    Ada yang baru….
    Apa masuknya, you belong to me and i belong to you? (musiknya saya dengar putus-putus 😦 )
    Sudah deal yah?


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