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Weight Gain

I was surprised when coming the last day before I have my yesterday flight. I looked to the scale, and it said that I got more weight again, and 3 more kilograms, no way I yelled to myself. Gez, the holiday doesn’t seems entirely give me more exercise.

Yesterday I picked up some pairs of new pants, and yes the number rise by one – what a pain. Now I only have a week to get back to weight before a holiday. This weight isn’t good for my health, I have to get more exercises.

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7 tanggapan untuk “Weight Gain”

  1. Suci,

    Iya lho Jeng, kejebak macet di deket Bringharjo, kan ada karnival gitu :D.


  2. Ow…makanya kmren mo k ramayana ya..sorry y g nemenin.. Lg shopping sm temen d bringharjo.. Hohoho


  3. Mas Asop,

    Wah, saya ndak hobi nge-gym, nanti yang ada malah kesleo di sana-sini, saya renang saja deh nanti (padahal ndak bisa juga) :D.

    Pak Aldy,

    Dalam 3 minggu Pak, nantilah, mesti dinormalkan kembali, biar ndak mengganggu kesehatan.


  4. Buset Mas, cuma liburan seminggu nambah begitu banyak?

    Berarti ada bekal….(?)


  5. Mas Pushandaka,

    He he…, people got the same issue these centuries :D.


  6. Same problem. I'm even worse. Hihi!


  7. Ayo Mas Cahya, kita olahraga, nge-gym yuk, siapa tahu tumpukan lemak bisa jadi otot… =))


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