Salad and Coffee for Lunch

I did find myself this noon at Bethesda hospital while accompanying my neighbour to visit his doctor. It was a hard day in Jogja with volcanic dust still everywhere in the air, we must always use mask when going out.

But, after having some hard time at Sardjito hospital, I thought my body already been worn out. I can sensed my awareness falling down. At the waiting room I found myself hardly deal with kind of pre syncope feeling. Well, after looked at my wacth, oh … it was already 2.30 p.m. So I decided to get something for lunch.

I found there is a cafeteria and bakery near the waiting room, its named “Jasmine Coffee Shop”, its a little bit lux – but I gave myself no much choice before I would really break down there.

I was sat down on the third sofa from the right (I took the picture from Cinila), and I already felt very sleepy. So with the last will I can barely found, I pushed myself to enter the coffee shop.

The inside decoration was retro traditional style, with dark wood sense of colour everywhere, and its clean and well managed. Comfort enough if I may say so.

I took the menu, and looked  at some list that – we can find them almost everywhere – very common for modern coffee shop today. Well, I don’t need much time to decide for “green salads” and a cup of “cappuccino”.

I love the salads, with double slices pineapple within, its really delicious. The cappuccino wasn’t so good, not excellent in my opinion, but I still a cup of coffee. Well, I think this menu is enough for my lunch.

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