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As you probably know, Manvahana is my official weblog. I do some changes recently, but nothing as a major change. It was created August this year (announced on “Manvahana Winter Project”), and develops slowly as its keeping it’s pace.

I put typominima as its theme, for artistic & aesthetic aspects. It gives a bright sensation over the pages & posts, I love seeing it on Manvahana. Better typography I think the best choice for my urge of art of writing, but obviously I am not an artist.

There are no much plugin such in Bhyllabus. I only use akismet for antispam, a kind of plugin to manage ads (I’m researching on this one), plugin to integrate with my Plurk account, and a plugin for caching my blog.

Surely, I still use Odiogo service for Manvahana. So you are not only able to read it, but also listening it just like listening your favourite radio station. It makes my blog take a longer time to load, but it still worthy I think, I mean, how many blog you can actually listen to them out there? Especially when you were to lazy to read them by yourself.

Powered with Google Feedburner, it gives flexibility to manage the feeds for its’ readers (like hell there were). Faster page loading, and personal aspect on readability will be a new inspiration here. But Manvahana never means to be mobile friendly, so you may have a hard time if accessing it from mobile/smart phone.

About the old Manvahana’s design, you can read a review about it here – by Dani Iswara.

So, how about you? Have you redesign your blog recently?

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4 tanggapan untuk “Redesign Manvahana

  1. Pak Aldy,

    Tidak perlu sampai begitunya, yang ini juga sudah pas Pak.

    Wah, sudah mulai pakai beta Chrome ya sekarang di Ubuntu :).


  2. Darin,

    Ha ha…, redesign surely can be addicting, so watch out everyone.

    But, why I can't find any comment form on your blog?


  3. Yup, either do I.

    Recently, I'm on fire for being fascinated in redesigning my blog template. Lucky me, I found some great resources and that's good for my learning about coding.

    But for hours I realize..designing make me like junkies, it's addicted! 😀 I can't stop for just one minute to change color, layout and details. Being satisfied was a myth!

    Nah, as we know, blogger always in proggress 🙂


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