Closest Rainbow at Farthest Sky

Have you ever felt to be stand in a distance to something you dearest most? And the space then expanded until what you still able to see – only – the grasp memory of the one.

We might be never can do something with space and time continuum, as how law of physic do its duty on this material world. But, the question then – can we, obviously, do anything about this feeling of separation?

If we let this feeling of separation exist, than we might only create the opposite of our heart content. We – then – become a separatist. Well, its connotation bad enough to be heard. But we do not really need bring about this separatism in our life.

Separatism only creates conflict, then conflict becomes hatred, as we already now hatred only presents sorrow and pain for humanity. Because of our longing to the closest rainbow at the farthest sky, we has bring about abundant of misfortune to our life, and others’ life, to the world.

Yes my friend, there is nothing wrong with longing of something. It is the part of our heart’s nature to attract of something. But if the closest rainbow were far enough, that doesn’t mean if we can create a rainbow right here right now, which would fulfilling the world of humanity with pure happiness and kindness.

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