Changing Disqus Font Size

Sometimes Disqus doesn’t show the font size that we exactly prefer to look. Some themes make it smaller than how it should normally be – “The Erudite” as an example. So I tried to look up what I can I do to fix this, even I dislike learning about CSS, I think I have no other option.

The first attempt was to crack Erudite’s CSS from inside, but well, I just can find which font in which line that cause Disqus doesn’t appear proportionally. Okay, I gave up this – reading hundreds of CSS lines would surely made my head dizzy.

I did ask Matt – the Erudite’s creator – about any clue for this situation. He said that I may need some other CSS specially build for Disqus in Erudite. I feel I don’t really need the whole system change here, only the font size. So, I looked up some options based on this clue.

I tried to use external CSS (style sheet) that a build my own, point the Disqus to use that style sheet, but still – it doesn’t change at all – it is still looked the same way as before. Okay, forget the whole new CSS – the I did trying to hijack it by using CSS hooks from WP-Typography plugin for WordPress – and absolutely total failure experiment.

Then, why don’t you the simple way? – I thought of. Taking some line above, and hooks it from Disqus customization section? I read again the Disqus Custom CSS and Disqus CSS documentations, so I tried this line of code …

#dsq-content #dsq-comments .dsq-comment{ font-size:1.2em; }

And viola, the font has resized! Eureka!

You may try it for your self, but I can’t give any guarantee it would work the same way – since I stand no CSS in my head, ha ha….

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  1. i see you made the font smaller, how did you do that ? is there a way to align the text, say justify ? where exactly do i need to insert that css line ?


    1. This one is automatically done by Disqus. This post is already outdated, I am sorry. I think there was a setting on Disqus Panel to put our own customary css.


  2. I still prefer Disqus for more interactive blog discussions, and I see a lot of advantages. But I don't know, many Indonesian blogger seems not familiar, and many feedbacks told me that was uneasy thing. Funny one, the commenter said that he must log on twitter account just to put some words 😀 So I set back to default, and everybody happy..until now

    The trick you wrote here was amazing, because that would solve strange typography between content and Disqus comment system.

    Hope anyone else see this make it useful 🙂


    1. Mas Darin,

      I just can't find any other alternative that give a unique interactive discussions as well as Disqus. Its a nice way to moderate discussion in many blogs within one single page, or just using the power of push mail.

      Yes, I do understand that not only one or two bloggers feel uneasy with Disqus. If you don't have a powerful browser especially Webkit based (Chromium and Safari), and minimum 64 kbps Internet access, it would be a pain to wait the comment form loads for you. Very disturbed with the pop up "post as" on small screen computer (bellow 12"). And its already total failure when come to old mobile browsers, just as Symbian browsers and Opera Mini, at least Opera Mobile would help.

      Well, I think they only need name (real one please) and email to put Disqus on their palm. They might just to lazy to read the panel and find the clue :lol:.

      Ha ha…, its good to make everybody happy, but I just can do that yet, not until April Mop no more above the earth :D.

      Thanks…, its a note for me too.


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