A Border of Heart

One is said has a beautiful heart when its vast as sky & charm as ocean, while both sky & sea has no limit that visible by human eyes. So does it mean that a heart should be borderless to be beautiful?

I don’t think so, even ocean & sky has their borders, we just can’t see it, neither imagine it by this naked eye. When a human still has a heart, it still has its limitation. Push it, it would broke for sure.

But there is moment, when I see clearly to a heart, it is like a savannah – very calm and warm. Well, then I know a heart doesn’t need to be borderless, do not need to put a border either, just need to be as how it used to be – like a vast calm and warm land.

A heart has its limitation, yet its borderless somehow. Since a border of heart is defined by how you pour your soul completely on its formless sincere.

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