The Jungle Within

Every place above the earth was a jungle, it doesn’t refer to an area full of woods and exotic creatures, but a place where life puts its’ harmony in nature, a place where we – human – can always learn something new, full of unpredictable events, and a land where hope spreading all along the way.

The strange of its nature would be a charm for some people and fear for others. Some of us understand the beast and the wise inside the jungle, then people bounded by its tradition to respect the nature which guide every life in its sphere. Others fear jungle, and build civilization away from it, using jungle merely as tools for living today and tomorrow.

There is a lot of jungle’s beauty today around us, under our civilization’s nose – but sometimes we just doesn’t care as long it look good on us on our civilize point of view. But our jungle, our forest, our wood, was once our origin to start from.

When I see it, I know somehow it started from the ancient time. The beauty from within the dark woods. But today, oh God…, I just can’t stand hearing about deforestation. How could people forget how important our forest, our jungle?

Now, there is a jungle within, so I won’t forget how important is our woods. It never belong to us, yet it provides itself by its own nature, not only for the good of humanity, but the entire living and ecosystem.

Saving the forest starts from our very home yard! Love for our jungle blooms from within our daily life.

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