Oh, do you have a secret – that was a question addressed to me long time ago. I already forget who was asked me, but the question was direct and clear. And I knew its a serious question people might ask you.

I do have secrets, not only a secret – I think I did answer the question like that.

Even I spoke like that, actually, even me myself doesn’t really know what was my secrets, maybe it truly hidden deep inside, even the owner can’t peek it freely.

I can never judge, whether having a secret is something good and bad. Its beyond the white and black sides. The heart’s content is something that we should call as privacy – the space even God only can enter with permission of the owner.

And we push other to agree “there is must be no secret between us” – I think we already killed to capability of respecting someone’s right of privacy, it killed the very love its self.

Love means the root of universal understanding, when one doesn’t feel to keep any secret, one wouldn’t – so why bothering it. Don’t hurt someone to tell something that hurt one’s heart, do not push your believe to other, it may not fix well.

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