Wish To Touch Jolicloud

By reading “Jolicloud – The Future is Here” by Ardiansyah, I really wish to try this operating system on my old notebook by the end of the year. Jolicloud as how mention by Ardiansyah’s blog is a Linux (Ubuntu) powered operating system.

Well, Ubuntu is a already well known – I used to play with it years ago. Now, there is Jolicloud with HTML 5 powered desktop if I not mistaken, would make it smooth and beautiful. Easy to install, even it can be installed directly from Windows. Even if you are not familiar with Linux system, this would make everything as easy as taking a deep breath.

Simple, fast, and with cloud computing as a great concept, I think I just seen the future of computer techs here.

Hmm…, but by seeing all this. I think Jolicloud would need a constant Internet access to make it works as powerful as it should be – ah, there would be a problem here. I don’t have that kind of access.

Well, I should wait my consultant on Linux arrive at Yogyakarta this week – Dani Iswara – before deciding if I would go on to the “cloud”. And how about you? Have you try Jolicloud?

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    1. Windows 5.0? Are you sure when we already move on Win 6.5 (Win 7)? Ha

      ha…, its okay, but we're talking about open source, free open mind

      technology here, and the future of cloud computing :).


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