A Day Off

Tomorrow I’d take a day off from blogging, well, its Bhyllabus’s 3rd anniversary (or could be the 4th – I don’t remember that). You might see the new colour here – powered by Liquorice with Google Font API – or perhaps something like that.

Like I said before, I have no plan – maybe just sight seeing, or visiting my internist for some consultation my current condition (its not a good think to plan, but usable for sure). Or staying at home and cleaning my eagle nest (its a code name!). Perhaps looking for some delicious coffee break? Or visiting book store (probably not, I will lose some money if I go there).

Well, this is Bhyllabus’ anniversary, but I have nothing to give you – or maybe there were something. Its December, a month full of surprise – just don’t let go your wish. How about a quiz then?

Obviously, this time isn’t mine. But a quiz by Avast! Antivirus. To win a one year Avast Internet Security Suite’s free license. Hmm…, interesting, isn’t it?

Okay, just go the quiz section – give your best answer, and do forget to visit the avast facebook page to know the winner (up to 100 winners everyday!). Then, try your luck – and knowledge obviously.

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5 tanggapan untuk “A Day Off

    1. Pak Aldy,

      Yup, a new theme – as your suggestion before.

      No, I just took a day off – not couple or some days :).

      Avast! for free? Why not, it worth to try, beside, the quiz is surely interesting :D.


  1. Hope I could have it 🙂

    Day off is good, especially when we try to compose everything on the right plan.
    Avast! Antivirus? Wow, I've got McAffee already, but it's worth to try! 😀


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