See You Next Year

Well, we are already arriving at the end of 2010, aren’t we? So what’s next? Still – I’ve no plan, like a free pirate – perhaps, sailing freely on seven oceans. Hmm…, a little bit hyperbolic tough. But why not, visiting Norway would be good – except for heavy snowing that doesn’t suite a tropical creature like me. A lovely castle, hot coffee, and perhaps a dragon, ha ha…, hell no! So forget about Norway, I’ve no budget at all. Besides I prefer to visit Europe when its spring or summer (but not when heat weave streaks over the continent).

Staying at home, listening to an old radio with a cup of traditional hot tea, and Umberto Eco’s “Name of the Rose” is the best I think for the end of the year. Or should I come home and give a visit to my fiancé – ups…, I have no any, ha ha….

Anything would be useful, but I don’t wish to waste it by laying all day on the bed.

Okay then everybody, Happy New Year 2011 for all of you. Wish you have a beautiful end year as well. Don’t forget to share your story, and please be sure to prepare everything carefully if you have any traveling plan for celebrating the new year – don’t get yourself entering the emergency room on the new year.

And see you again next year.

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29 tanggapan untuk “See You Next Year

  1. hello Cahya..

    Wow.. you have an English blog?? that's great.

    Actually I also want to have one, but don't have enough gut to make it comes true.

    well, it's already 2011..

    happy belated new year 🙂


    1. Mbak Anna,
      My English never been any better since my high school grade. I am still using a help of spell checker system when writing in English.
      Well, why not, try to write in English, maybe a short one as a start…, and let see, it maybe a lot better then what we tough ;).


  2. "Anything would be good, but I don’t wish to waste it by laying all day on the bed."

    I did it, anyway.. 😛

    Happy New Year, Bli.. 😀


  3. Selamat memasuki tahun baru ini mas, semoga semua asa dan cita yang masih mengantung bisa terealisasi di tahun ini 😆

    Salam hangat serta jabat erat selalu dari Tabanan


    1. Pak Sugeng,
      Ha ha…, ya ya, terima kasih banyak Pak, semoga tidak tergantung lagi tahun ini namun tertanam pasti, membumi dan bermanfaat bagi banyak orang 🙂 – apa coba? :D.


      1. waduh …. !!!

        koq jadi tertanam gini mas, masa mau meried pake tertanam. Keknya engak deh. Kalau bermanfaat bagi banyak orang, mungkin mau bikin rumah sakit sekelas bethesda 😆


  4. Most people gave this momentum to recall all their memories to become notes. This year was awesome, but we hope next year will be more awesome!

    Happy new year to you, brother 🙂


    1. Selamat tahun baru Pak Aldy, he he…, saya kan ga bilang libur ngeblog, cuma bilang "see you next year", siapa tahu pembaca atau narablog lain ada yang liburan, jadinya tidak bisa ketemu selama acara tahun baruan ini :lol:.


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