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Love at First Sight

It has to be an eternal question to any soul that filled with curiosity about the “thing” that we know as love. “Do you believe in love at first sight?” – If I were offered with that kind of question, I would humbly reply, “Do you?” Put it in simple deductions, if you ever felt it, it might be true – if you never had it, it doesn’t mean never exist at all; as so the opposite, if you ever felt it, beware, it might not be the love you really tough of.

For me, to put it simply, it would be a “No,” I don’t put believe in such a thing.

Love has to be, at first sight, it should be immediate and not intermediate. Romance should be clean and should be clear from any perception masking. Love should be free, absolute freedom from any judgment.

If you think then you love, it would never be love at all. It is your perception, your mind’s product, your ego’s fruit. You may like, but not to love.

Love has no foundation since love is the prime foundation of everything. If there is any idea, any thought, any perception that supports the feel which you think it as love, as the foundation of your love, then it isn’t loved at all. It is only the reflection of your ego.

Say, “I love him because he is rich,” or say, “I love her since her beauty always shining” – then would you defend such a trivial feeling as love?

If your what so-called love was build up, and it is ready to meet the expired line. And all the feeling which grow and grow shall crumble, leave nothing behind.

Love is all about clarity, a clarity that reflects real humanity. And such clarity must be free from all kind of judgment, impurity, perception. Such clarity should be a veritable explosion from within, and such genuinely shall exist from the very beginning.

And yes, it would make love exist in the very beginning of the absolute clarity, it makes love live at first sight – not in the second or the third. You don’t have to believe love at first sight, because we think there is the matter of though which never can grasp the unconditional love – the unconditional love, put away all your beliefs and see for yourself, yes love is right there since the very beginning.

The innocent feel that embraces humanity from deep within to the vast universe, it is all there, you don’t have to build it, don’t have to create it. Love is universal energy that bound humanity to complete freedom, and we never able to develop such pure energy, if we try to – shall then the purity of that innocent feel gone and shattered into a subtle form of humanizing egos.

Be honest, be free of any judgment, see with pure attention. If you see love is everywhere, then love is there for you, don’t try to deny it. If you can’t see any love around, don’t push yourself to create one. We are not the creator of love – but, we are the love itself.

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7 tanggapan untuk “Love at First Sight”

  1. Love at 1st sight..???

    I did it before..

    When I was still grade 11..

    We both met, when I was teaching English Course, and he was my student.

    I fell in love with him at the 1st sight..

    He did too..

    6 Years later,

    we decided to end our relationship..

    coz, we are in the different activies..

    I work as a School Librarian..


    He is trying to catch his dream being a celebrity.. 🙂

    But now, we have a good frienship.. 😀


  2. good morning, ya ampyun bahasa inggris lagi…


  3. I'd rather say "like at the first sight" 🙂

    i believe that first impression is exist..

    but.. it can be wrong, can be right..

    so.. I never believe the first impression.. because it is kind of judging a book by its cover..


  4. Agung Pushandaka Avatar
    Agung Pushandaka

    Love will always exist without knowing how, when, where, what and who. So, love at first sight? It could happen to those who believe it. I felt it when I saw my girlfriend for the first time. 😛

    Love is magic! 🙂


  5. I put my first love story in my blog. But, then I realize I have to keep only good memories. And release it.

    It need process to find true love. That's what I feel…


  6. when i was a student in college year, i believe about this love at first sight because i ve felt once before and when we knew each others we feel that our love going stronger.

    but when i was in this mature age (i think i am now), i believe that love is about know each other first. the think about we fell in love at first sight is we just interesting with someone in the first sight.



    1. Then it would make love not just merely a simple belief :).


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