Maybe Because of Uncertainty

Somehow people don’t know what to do – or what that is really need to make the right thing right. If you only walk inside a maze, you can always search for a way out, but if you move inside a mist – there will be harder to find the end of uncertainty.

Then way we feel uncertain? The very simple way to put this up, is because simply don’t know – like I said – don’t know what to do. We don’t know, and we become uncertain, and since we uncertain we become more-more feel like we don’t know, don’t know what is the right action, don’t know how to put a matter in right way – then we are considering to much until we spend an abundant amount of energy.

Yes, human can feel tired of uncertainty and the condition were we don’t know the thing that we insist our self: we have the right to know it!

Maybe because of that uncertainty, we can feel that we’ve already wasted so much time, we can feel a strange tiredness, and to some point, a desperation that unexplainable, because the idea of “I don’t know” already sticking inside our head – and made us unable to find any resolution.

But maybe because of uncertainty, people may become wiser. All that we need is a honest attitude towards our self – that we really don’t know, or we simply don’t know. Then after a honest attitude, we perhaps can have a sight from a whole different world of perception.

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