Building Mood After Rainy Evening

It is a tropical land when rain strokes nearly everyday on the rainy season. A lot of city were flooding – and its became a common scenery in this funny country. Well, you might be get tired after a day full of activities, then suddenly just when you back home – rain starts to falling down heavily.

Hmm…, jumping directly to the bed, and covering yourself with a warm blanket – sounded like a good idea. Then the mood slowly but certainty going down and down. Ups…, there is still something to be done, and yet you may find yourself postpone it again this evening.

Ah yes, I used to be like that when evening goes down within the rain, even after the rain. Ah, just simply take a deep breath, then write something, and viola! the mood is returning.

I think the important key then – is find something that you would be love to do and do it without hesitation. With abundant of love inside your very act, the mood surely would come and come without hesitation too. Even after the rainy evening.

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