Visiting Tower of God

Recently, I’ve my time for visiting “Tower of God“, the reason is very simple, “Tower of God” only the place of darkness, but within life emerged and give light to the internal structures. Well, unfortunately, “Tower of God” only a form of Korean Manhwa – if I was not mistaken, and the story I would like classified as mature, since there are so much violent within the tower – instead of its own humorous situation.

Even there were so much violent scenes, it just resembling our own world where we can see violent just in our daily life. And the simple touch that shows us if no matter jokes or humorous situation we propose, we can not simple hide the fact about violent is all around.

But even inside the darkest tower, within a strange land, strange people, unknown civilization, the new world beyond imagination, there is still no reason if a genuine feeling would arouse naturally within. Even there would be some condition that just can not easy to be fit to each other.

Tower of God
Sometimes we can't share the same oppinion

But all we need is to keep our footsteps steady, even there is no clue about future, even there is all about doubtful situation, even we feel become very far in distance from what we are seeking for.

In the end, there is nothing else essential, but what we already walked all this time.

Tower of God
But in the other moment, there is a mutual understanding

Tower of God storyline is about a boy named “Baam”, who lost his precious one, leaving him behind saying that she would like to see the true stars and sky by climbing to top of tower. Baam – who is like forever – always lives within the bottom of the dark tower never know whats mean to see stars, but he decide to to find his precious one by searching her within the tower, while it might mean he must survive to climb the tower itself from inside.

I don’t know to tell whether it was a fortunate or unfortunate event that Baam then find the tower hold so many secret, or more than he can probably imagine. The beginning question of this manuscript, a simple one, whether Baam will be the same – searching for something he referred as precious one, or the charms within the tower will draw he near to forget why he put his first step to climb the tower.

Then the story would not be different than our daily living, whether we would turn around from our dream, or keep continue our journey no matter what where there might be pulled of hold us in the way.

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  1. Wiwikwae,
    Tergantung, jika masih dalam bentuk karikatur, kita sebut manga (komik), kalau sudah dibuat hidup dalam bentuk animasi, biasanya disebut anime.


  2. wah, aku malah belum pernah nih bacanya, kebiasaan bac a novel sih hewheheheheh…
    jadi teringat zaman SMP dulu


  3. cerita manga itu banyak kata-kata inspiratifnya.. seperti yg dikutip ini:
    "But all we need is to keep our foots­teps steady, even there is no clue about future, even there is all about doubtful situation, even we feel become very far in dis­tance from what we are seeking for."


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