So, Its only 36 hours

Recently, I have so many things bugging around my mind. I myself can’t have a clear view in instant for what became a mist inside every corner of my thought. Somehow I believe that simple explanation won’t help, since I have no any.

Everything were cloudy, I seek an opened door but I believe I found none. The sky has no light for its existence.

Cloudy Sky

For last a couple weeks, I manage to somehow change my diet. About ten days only getting twice meals a day, and the next days only once per day. Until, yesterday I can only hold fasting for only 36 hours.

Fortunately, I don’t restrict my diet for waters, I need plenty of water intake daily. Especially in morning, I need to drink a lot of water every morning.

It was a hard diet weeks, and it was a crazy 36 fasting hours. Glad I made it safely.

Now, let open the window, maybe the sky would become clear today. So do I wish for my mind.

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