The Peace Within

There is an old wisdom quote which said no matter how hard people was trying to bring about peace upon this world, there would be no peace they shall find, if there is no peace within oneself.

We have hardly believe or simple put it in our faith, if humanity can bring together into a mutual understanding, there will be peace upon this world. But, our world already in state of chaos, as how we see it in our daily life, on the news, on the conflicts those occur everyday.

While we oppose others, we shall never truly understand them fully. When we struggle to bring the understanding and awareness of peaceful time to others, we our self already bring about violent deep within our soul.

I said, let it goes, those hopes and wishes already are art of the past, we should not cling on it any longer. The peace is here and now, if we can see it clearly within our self.

Arca Tua di Sisi Kolam

But can you see it? See it as the actual peace, not just an imaginary hopes of peace?

They do not lament over the past,they yearn not for what is to come,they maintain themselves in the present,thus their complexion is serene.

Those words are Samyutta Nikaya. There would be no peace if you yourself were separated away from the peace itself. There is no peace in hatred, in anger, in struggle, even those were mean to achieve peace itself.

By letting go those which are not peace, you may find peace on the last piece, it is the peace within.

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