The Path That We Avoided

If we were driving to reach any destination, we shall take many things into consideration. The traffic, the road, the weather, the crowd, the distance, are some of those we merged into a consideration to make us decide which way shall we take.

Some road are worthy to be avoided, especially when they prone to put us into any danger, just like land slide on the mountain road at rainy season as an example. Then life are not so different, don’t you think so?

Life has multiple path, multiple probability, so much choice yet less of us aware of it. Consciously or unconsciously, we likely avoid the path that lead to malice situation. You shall not jump into a fire, or challenging a bear into a fight by logic or by instinct, it is a normal path of life that we chose.

We learn, and then we become wise to take our path into righteousness. But sometime we are not that wise. Like, even we know smoking is bad for our health as so for people around us, some of us still find pleasure and joy on smoking.

Or, even we know it is the right path, we still avoid it. For those whose heart tainted by darkness, thou shall avoid the light even they already miss it so much. 

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A writer, a tea & poet lover, a xanxia addict, an accidental photographer, - a medical doctor.

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