The Things I Do with SUSE

Mostly, I’ve been working with openSUSE, so a lot of things I been doing with this Green Gecko. The most think I never done it while worked with Windows. Well, listening musics with Banshee or watching movie with Totem would be the usual things, as well as on Windows. But setting your alarm clock or rumbling your own desktop would never been the same as before.

Unfortunately, my notebook was kind of “an old one”, so it doesn’t have the “right” GPU to process any marvelous graphical effect that openSUSE can brought about.

I used to wake up in the morning by a nice alarm that set-up every work days on Green Gecko, so what time did I wake up this morning?

Wake me up in the morning with this application!

Ha ha…, but used to get up before the alarm sounded, my instinct told me that my body can react to noise source even before it produced any sound, since it a matter of survival on the dreamy land. Of course that would be the last alarm, I mean there are a lot others before to ring, by utilize my two cells every morning.

The next thing, I found that now even new Green Gecko support Faenza from within its “contrib repo”, so I can enjoy the nice icon set which is fully integrated. But another unfortunate thing, that avant windows navigator were only ready by “factory repo”, I can use it, since I don’t intent to use the Tumbleweed again this time.

A Beautiful Look of Faenza Icon Set for openSUSE

And if I get bored, I would try some new desktop effect (with ultimate option). But having GPU behind the today standard would be never give the best effect. In the end, it just look like rumbling my desktop.

My desktop doesn't show a nice special effect (sad)

Then, my notebook just doesn’t support this kind of ultimate desktop effect. Even compiz fusion would just a laugh when installed in this old notebook. But in fast motion it still looks nice, so it not a waste at all in the end.

It just nice to have some experiments with open source things, you shall never get bored.

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  1. Oh dear god, if you said your P8600 4GB DDR3 and GMA4500HD is an old one, then what am i? (T5500 RAM 3GB DDR2 GMA950) an ancient one? :mrgreen: i guess there's a bit of problem in your framerates, thats why compiz look a bit of crappy. A little tweaking do the trick. Try ubuntu and see the different. I guess rpm-base distro tend to sucking in compiz. I got problem too when i was using pclinuxos and Slackware (suse's mom 😆 ) . You need to "get down and dirty" a bit whenever dealing with this distro. So its not ur lappy fault


    1. Ha ha…, perhaps since a notebook lifespan only about 5 years, when passed a half of its span, I called it old. Yup, I've heard RPM based distro tend to need "a hard way" when dealing with graphical properties. Maybe I'll try something else next year, he he… :).


      1. Bukankan kemarin sudah mencoba tripel boot dengan Maverick Meerkat–gimana performa Compiz-nya?

        Saya juga merasa di Ubuntu lebih mudah untuk itu.

        Gimana kalau besuk menjajal menjadi Archer. :mrgreen:


        1. Mas Agung, I don't try compiz on Ubuntu, maybe next year when I bought a new desktop (if I got my own house obviously) :).


  2. Bli I've downloaded open suse but until now I have not yet installed, do not be afraid of setting up the modem to the Internet. There is a solution to overcome this, or at least the tutorial.


    Salam hangat serta jabat erat selalu dari Tabanan


    1. Oh my God, when did I start switching between gecko and geeko? 😆 – thanks for reminding me, ah… stupid me :D. My notebook TM 6293, Dual-Core Intel P8600 (@ 2,4 GHz, FSB 1066 MHz, 8 MB L2 cache), with up to 732 MB Mobile Intel GMA 4500 MHD, and 4 GB RAM DDR3. An old notebook.


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