President Aria

If there is another clumsy character then Taz that I love, it would be Aria Pokoteng, the president of Aria Company. Well, nobody wouldn’t able to resist his flabby checks. Always walk with dignity, and somehow run away in the first place. Full of luck, and love by everybody else – hmm…, except by Himeya Pokoteng perhaps (but, is not like she dislikes him either).

He has a pair of big rounded blue eyes, smart & highly intelligent capability, skillful – especially on cosply pretending to be a hero in the mask, loves coffee latte with extra milk, almost good at everything except house cleaning.

Aria Pokoteng - The President of Aria Company

Cat with blue marine eyes, they said it special in Neo-Venezia. Instead of the water land itself, everything that connected in the line of past and present by these cats, are the miracles their self.

He walk casually and happily, while the his heart filled with the beauty of rainbow, where life began to be more colorful each day.

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    1. Well, since its never entering Indonesia, but in Japan, when its era, this serial was very popular. The rating of Aria TV shows was great. But, I don’t think I can compare it with Doraemon – the legendary animation – since they both stand on different dimensions :lol:.


        1. Well, I personally think Aria far simpler than Doraemon. While Doraemon is targeting young kids to develop their imagination with complex things around his life, Aria is for teenager – offering a simple mind mapping, “how to life with happiness“, when people’s mind became crowded within their daily activities, make it simpler yet still colorful is what Aria all about.


  1. Heheh… Aku kira ada hubungan dengan holocaust. Hell Hitler! ueber alles! Taunya Manga. Tidak begitu suka Bli. Tapi solo guitar nya keren 😀


    1. Mas Padly, apa karena judulnya ya 😀 – saya memang sering melirik film animasi yang punya musik latar yang enak didengar, film animasi ini salah satunya :).


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