Likhita Mandala Summer Project

This year project would be take a time in summer, starting on this May into June, skipping by July, and the first alpha should be ready by the very late of next August. I still remember when starting this Bhyllabus as the first winter project which planned back on July 2009, and a year later, I was starting the second winter project, Manvahana on August 2010.

This year, unfortunately, there is no winter project, but a summer project as I planned early from the last winter. Likhita Mandala would be the codename for this project. The previous two project are turned into blogs which has their own characteristic, so this one would be a personal website.

I do inspired by the “” service which I found months ago, so I think I would make my own personal site. I did thinking build it on Joomla or Drupal, but then back again, I fell that WordPress is till convenient for me. At least, I thought of being able to give a blueprint of the site’s architecture before this summer end.

Since this would be busy year, I have no plan to finish it by this year. It would nice to take it forward to next year winter project.

The basic concept is providing simple biograph and simple planet network. For the planet, I – temporarily – use the Feed WordPress plugin by Charles Johnson. So, I can grabs the headlines from all my blogs and media social into a single page, but obviously the page script itself would give a huge help here.

A Planet Syndication Oriented Page - Likhita Mandala - Alpha Version

So since I am currently out of idea for the next “should be there”-part on the blueprint, perhaps this summer would give me a hint one or more while listening to cicadas songs on the bright day.

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