The Joy of Melodies

When listening to “Aqua” instrumental from “Aria’s Series“, I think it would be nice if I can play some musical instrumental nicely – beside percussion interlude obviously. Sometimes they were fast and energizing, in other moments are soft and tendering your body and soul completely. People have been said that musics are some of the greatest mysteries in this life, didn’t you agree?

They said, great composer didn’t build the melody, but they found it and pour it sincerely into the musics. Even I remember clearly the last sentences from “August Rush“, that “musics are everywhere around!“.

I may not know anything about composing a music, nor having any skill with music instrumental. But do have myself enjoying the joy of melodies to the fully, sometime humming any melodies that passing my mind freely. Or closing my eyes softly within the dark night while listening any slow and charmingly serenade.

Then I found, knowledge is not something essential to enjoy something sincerely. I have no knowledge about music, and yet I can put myself lightly within the joy of melodies. Perhaps, it is really a mystery, or rather an amazing miracle.

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