Colour That I Love

People may find this world so colourful, as colourful as they can pour their limitless feeling into everything around them without any hesitation, without any fear. Since their honest love are the very colour of this world itself. Colourful things around us, what are they exactly? How can they cherish us, or how can they wrapped us within a gloomy atmosphere?

I have no answer, only more question and more complexity while inquiring deep into this colourful world. While I tried become the centre of everything, I lost in this strange colourless mist of questions and complexity. The reason could be as simple as my unworthy effort to understand a limitless love expressions with my sallow egoistic self centre.


I love the colour of dawn, which bring so much joy to start everything fully. I love the colour of the sky, it’s simply connecting our hearts through the most mysterious way. I love the colour of the winds, they restlessly trying to capture our most honest existence on this world.

We shall only see the world so colourful, if we willingly accept the different as a part of nature, of harmony, of this world. Let our heart opens, let our soul fragile, so understand the very humanity itself are so colourful.

And, I love the colour of our hearts, even they are separated, even they are percept different, it always there to support each others with tremendous quality of unconditional understanding. Then perhaps, I am already in love, with the colour of love itself.

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  1. menyesal baru kali ini masuk ke website yg keren ini 🙂
    trm ksh utk komentar2 nya yg cerdas di blog,
    trm ksh jg utk menciptakan website ini, yg membuat saya mengenal slh satu tempat utk menikmati keindahan 🙂
    and the colour of this web 🙂


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