To Stand, Above The Sun

Lately, a lot has been in my mind, but of all that, only a single trace of question remains as its core. A question of, “it is okay to give up?” Yes, it just like entering a haunted house, where you can’t turn back neither close you eyes.

Perhaps you wish become a simple leave that falls upon a gentle stream, which would take you somewhere without much worry. Perhaps you dream being a light feather which blows softly by the wind, where can float high beyond the troublesome land.

But life, is just a life – the sun definitely strikes you hard without any hesitation when you try to challenge him. Life is so fragile that wouldn’t be a surprise the next thing after a step you took – is a death end, literally a death end.

And then, here I am, a common soul under the sun, who wish to stand above that brightest start from the Earth. Well, just let me correct it, perhaps I don’t wish for it, rather I have to.

Long before the first step taken,  the word of impossibility is certain loud and clear. But let me move forward, even if myself is asking about giving up, there would be nothing to lose, but a soul burned into celestials’ dust.

Don’t do what you want. Do what you don’t want. Do what you’re trained not to want. Do the things that scare you the most. – Chuck Palahniuk.

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  1. Liked the quote.
    Even agak susah untuk melakukannya, tapi tentu saja harus ada semangat dan konsistensi agar berani melakukan yang tidak kita inginkan.


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