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Do You Feel Lonely?

They have said that human are social being, they can’t exist without another, from every aspects we see – whether religious, scientific, cultural, economy – we just can’t exist alone, well perhaps we can live in some deserted land – alone for a while – than what after that? In other side of this cruel world, there perhaps some who desire loneliness, perhaps since their hatred toward the society or the feeling of unneeded.

Human are definitely a strange creäture, sometimes when we wish to go East – we say West instead. We just – without any clear reason – avoid ourself be honest completely, be open perfectly. Even deep within we very do understand that nobody perfect, and somehow we – whether by realising it or not – are hiding the imperfect part, the cloistered part, and keep walking alone, showing only the good side upon this poor civilisation.

Walking Alone
Walking alone – image courtesy by Bing

Yes, today most of us perhaps just some mere masked entities, without any urge feeling of being sincerely to ourself and the world we live on.

So why we walk alone on thus rush hours, and why we feel lonely within the crowded civilisation? Do you understand this feeling? If you can’t let yourself being open and understand this very feeling, perhaps you shall trapped within this strange world on loneliness forever after.

4 tanggapan untuk “Do You Feel Lonely?”

  1. Humans are social creatures, but sometimes need to be alone, at least for reflection


  2. Hahaha, I’ve found friends who sometimes busy outside lonely inside. I’ve been there too. And I realized that we need at least a person to share.


    1. Only “a” person…? Hmm…, I wonder who is that lucky one ;).


  3. Your life will be happier if you can share anything with another..


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