Colors Within Togetherness

Like I said, people dislike being alone, even there might be a moment when all one needs is loneliness. Being together, bring about togetherness is what people seek to support one’s social needs. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to – intentionally – create a party or anything like that to summon togetherness into your very life – except you are an extraordinary lonely person, but I wish you aren’t, are you?

This life is a bit strange, don’t you think so? Somehow, people afraid being with someone who they tough being too different from them self, but in other moment, they got bored with their own kinds.

Maybe deep inside our mind, we wish to take a control of how the colors of togetherness around us painted. Somehow, there were moments when we – perhaps – try to bound all people to understand and accept our ideal, while we were forget that no single color can truly makes this world wonderful, no single ideal can bring the essentially peaceful harmony into our life.

We are essentially colorful, like a group of butterflies (image originally from Bing)

If we are not about to accept the nature color of our togetherness, if we are about to deny the harmony of this world, perhaps we just incapable of being grateful for what we already have in our life.

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  1. Being alone is, I think, by choice and good for the soul, so that the person may think and spend sometime with “self”. Loneliness, on the other hand, is responsible for forever “alone-ness”, as if no one cares about you, and nor do you. I might say caring about at least one soul in this world will never leave you lonely anymore. Give love, get love. 🙂

    Nice post, and great thoughts. 🙂


  2. Hmmm..kadang ada saatnya kita butuh waktu untuk sendiri mas 😀
    Mis.nya untuk merenungi hidup, kyakakaka… 😆
    Menenangkan diri dengan jauh dari hiruk pikuk asik lho 😀


    1. Zyypy, self-reflection, a lot of people found it on moments of seclusion 🙂 – but, I don’t know, for me, a reflection most occurred within daily life, when eyes met the world.


  3. couldn’t more agree with you bli,
    Sometimes we need the “me” time alone … just doin my stuff 😀 …
    *yes, I wish we could control how the color are painted … but then again we must accept that all we can do is just enjoying the colors that life gave us ..


    1. Julie, really? – Hmm…, I somehow found myself entirely enjoying some lonely time as equal as enjoying togetherness – they said, different cups different tastes ;).


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