Pouring Wisdom for Nation

A couple of nights ago, I have a discussion about writing a book. Well, I never put any interest before about book writing, since I don’t like the idea about sharing thought just to some buyers. But I think that perhaps I was a complete stubborn (and yet don’t change at all).

I do have some manuscripts, but never really intended to publish it for years. I don’t think profit and fame would satisfy me as a writer.

But then again, looking at what was happening lately. I mean the conflicts in this great nation, they just seem have no end.

A lot of people already exhausted with all this conflicts, violent everywhere, those sometimes got bloody. But I do always amazed about how conflicts pop up here and there, again and again, they seem never got tired at all.

Starting with fight between students (those are holding the future of this nation) to bombing that already twice this year. Somehow, I felt that flames of hatred not sparkling and spreading, but burning deep within the corner of nation that perhaps we never imagined it. Or, just I over imagined it?

Okay, before we go too broad and go nowhere, what I wish is that I can give something. Since I am a writer, I think of myself writing something, sharing my thoughts about how should this largest world’s archipelagos nation stay in peace and harmony.

I just get this first thought, and I said, perhaps writing a book is a good idea. And yet every citizen should take a part in pouring wisdom for nation, as how they can it.

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