Let Us Hide

Somehow, I feel I wish to hide myself beyond the sanctuary of life, beyond the crowded path that we pass everyday. Between one breath to another, I see a deep tiredness as there are heavy atmospheres that one can not avoid. Perhaps I really became insensitive and careless about my surrounding to the point where I see life as an existence that lack of creativity.

Maybe life just hide its creativity where we can’t find it with an exhausted soul within our humanity. We are (too) busy with our (own) life, searching for that or perfecting this. And then we forget a simple question, what life is.

But, how can we remember, we were just too busy, weren’t we?

Instead of inquiring what life is, we spend much of energy to work, coping our stress, and then having some fun afterward. Aren’t we like that?

So, it is not uncommon we find ourself battling with anger, exhausted by hatred, or running within anxiety. Well, if we feel joy with all those daily things, why not?

But, even just by seeing all those happening, someone like me can get exhausted as well. Then I think, why not – for a moment – we hide our self, beyond this hatred, this anger, this anxiety?


We hide but doesn’t mean afraid of this life, but while stay away from all action-reaction laws, we can clearly see our nature, the nature of our world and life.

But it doesn’t mean we could understand the world if we merely just hide. What beyond this hiding, is for you to find it. For now, for me, hiding seems fun enough, so let’s hide.

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A writer, a tea & poet lover, a xanxia addict, an accidental photographer, - a medical doctor.

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