I See in You

They’ve said that we humans are not so different each other, even essentially isn’t has any different at all, yet when we look other what are we really seeing? Did we really see the same humanity, the same joy, the same sadness, the same happiness, the same despair? Or just we see other and put ourself in some form of empathizing or sympathizing?

The questions go on and on, while an answer yet to found.

Collared Roys

The same question I’ve been addressing to myself. If I see other, what shall I see in you, shall I see myself, the same humanity? If I see you, shall I understand what we’ve addressed as you and me?

I wonder if people can understand each other, which implies not only understanding others but also oneself fully. I wonder if that would make this world better.

I wish I can see in you, so the world turn a new.

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    1. Isthar, if we can understand others, then perhaps accepting would come from the freedom that we live fully. Not accepting because we were bound of some ethicalness or some short concepts of what the right thing to do. I think it would be different if – say like – we can accept ourself since we understand ourself, rather than we accept ourself because it the right thing to do or because we have no other choice. Thats way, I hope I can understand other in the same way :).


  1. “I wonder if that would make this world better” — is that mean you not really believe if we care each other then can make this world better? 🙂


    1. Deva, “better” is just a personal perception, “better” for me – perhaps isn’t equal as “better” for you 🙂 – so therefor, I can guarantee that we can have everything better with all understanding we can have, problem – perhaps – shall always rises and exist :).


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