Little Sky and Big Flower

Sometime, and some other many times, life is just (more or less) about the personal point of views. And all pictures are about understanding, or perhaps the capability of knowing and accepting things that we call a belief. So there, including what we believe as to the right things and their opposite – the (perhaps) wrong things.

People (commonly) know (maybe understand too) that someone can not force those point of views to others.

But well, there are always persistent one, force what they believe to others. As much as they care that their actions would bring “a better world” (in their belief) – as much as I was care less about all that.

The sky is vast, a single human view can not cover all of it instantly. So I prefer to walk on the path that I see; instead the way that other believes in seeing or (worse) believes to exist. Whether it shall fall under the light or within the darkness, I’ll walk my own path.

Lotus and Sky

If I see a lotus is big enough to cover the sky from my sight, then my path is about how little the air, and how big is the flower.

Everything is about point of view.

If I say that I believe in “little sky and big flower,” it doesn’t mean you have to believe it too. Human has to find this life, as to how he/she lives fully above this planet.

When someone has no tendency in believing something, then there will be a wing of freedom, which brings the abundant energy to understand this very life – deeper and deeper, to touch the peace – softer and softer, to share the love, more and more.

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A writer, a tea & poet lover, a xanxia addict, an accidental photographer, - a medical doctor.

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  1. I love what you write. That’s true that we have our own point of view and sometimes its different with other people and the hardest thing if there’s people who force their point of view to others


  2. This is such a beautiful phrase. Seriously 🙂

    What would you do, Cahya, if something that you really believe is something that hurt you so? Do you need to change your point of view?


    1. Deva, then… it is what I believe that hurts me, or myself who aren’t willingly accept what were happened? Which point of view do you prefer? The question shall back to you ;).


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