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Picking Up A Hotel in Yogyakarta

Well, it been a while since I wrote in English here. I think I shall write down something now. This afternoon I made a reservation for some standard rooms at Abadi Hotel Jogja, which only took about 2 minutes from Malioboro Street and about 10 minutes from The Sultan Palace by feet. I almost got lost, because I knew it as “Mendut Hotel,” and it already changed its name three years ago – and I just know it today.

Oh, before you get any wrong idea, I should disclaim if this is not a paid article/review, my hands just aching to write something in English – but this is the only idea I got in my head.

If some owners want me to put a useful review on their hotel, at least they should give me a honeymoon stay for free. But I think that won’t happen, since I have no wife (yet), and it would be funny if I am going on a honeymoon by myself.

Okay, back to the line of our story…

First of all, I never pick up a hotel before, so how can I choose this hotel? Well, it’s easy since whenever my family or relatives visit Jogja (the informal name for Yogyakarta), they always pick this hotel – so I just continuing the long-lasting tradition. Haha…, perhaps I would see not as a creative person.

Well, the room price was reasonable, I’ve compared it with the same class hotel around Jogja. And since the building relatively new build, I think it is worthy of trying. Well, of course, there are others with lower price, but the location would be less strategist for enjoying Jogja, especially to have a night walk at Malioboro Street.

At last, I can say anything much about this hotel, if you are interesting, you can visit their site at

13 tanggapan untuk “Picking Up A Hotel in Yogyakarta”

  1. Ok, what hell has made you wanna spend a night in a hotel while you had your own boarding house to sleep there? :p


    1. He he…, saya ada pelantikan minggu ini, jadi keluarga datang, masa mau bersesakan di kost Mbak :D.


  2. nice info by the way … I like the “reasonable price” and also good service too 😆

    when I’m in Jogja, I will surely try to say in here …


  3. Which hotel you choose for me? hehehehe….


    1. Deva, kalau Hotel Rwanda gimana? Kan ada lagunya tuh … :D.


    2. Sumpah, parah banget kalo Hotel Rwanda!!! Pembantaian besar-besaran etnis di situuuuuuuuu *nangis*


    3. Deva, makanya kamu kuberikan di sana, jadi nanti pas jadi anggota kabinet lebih ngerti bagaimana susahnya rakyat o:).


    4. Kamu! Raja tega! Yawda aku ke Hotel Rwanda, kamu ke Burkinafaso 😀


    5. Ndak ah, di sana ndak ada bakpia :lol:.


    6. Lho, justru kamu sebagai warga paling inovatif yang bikin bakpia di sana. Bakpia going international 😀


    7. Ha ha…. mana boleh Deva, batik ke negara sebelah saja ndak boleh, apalagi bakpia – harta sakral negara, lebih ndak boleh lagi :D.


    8. Lho, kata siapa gak boleh? Yang gak boleh itu kalau negara lain mengakuisisi batik atau apapun dari Indonesia sebagai national heritagenya, karena itu punya Indonesia. Tapi kan beda kalau kamu memperkenalkan national heritage tsb. Sama seperti desainer Indonesia yang bikin baju dari batik terus dipamerin ke LN, sama juga seperti nasi padang kan yang banyak di Amerika. Heheheh…am being so serious #abaikan


    9. Deva, itu kan untuk produk yang boleh dipasarkan di luar tempat asalnya, lha mana ada yang jual Bakpia Pathok di luar Jogja, atau Dagadu di luar Jogja, ataupun Joger di luar Bali? :D.


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