Little Globes of Natural Happiness

A long time ago, and I really think it was a long time ago. I have had always this thing in my mind, a question – just a small question, without any answer, since it has no answer. Yet I had no answer, nor I have any urge to find any answer.

Life is so flimsy, one answer perhaps able to support it, and another shall make it crumble – even they were the very same answer you gave to it.

After Rain on Flickr

It just as a simple scenery after the rain, you can find rain drops everywhere. Perhaps you were wondering how the drops got over there – everywhere? How about their journey was in the sky? And all the question you can pick freely from each drop of the rain.

But there is no answer for all those questions, because you weren’t there when all those happened. If there are some answers, perhaps they come from your knowledge, your memories, your way of thinking, your hypothesis – everything that are not genuine experience, everything but not the life itself.

Seeing all this, I say to myself, let the drops fall, just watch it passionately just as you watch the most dear one.

Without a word, they are the little globes of natural happiness.

If you really watch, and just watch, perhaps you shall met the life itself. The life which is living, which is pure, which is genuine. The life that has no past no future, no beginning nor has an end. When you meet the life itself, all the questions shall stop there – just like that.


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