Memories Left Behind

This afternoon, I spent hours for my last rode on this old capital, just passed some memorable streets and buildings. I no longer know, whether this day belong to dry or rainy season, all I know that I wish to see all those memorable intersections and corners once more, just for once more.

I left so many memories back there, smile, laugh, tears, everything for this past seven and a half years. It is a strange mix between happiness and sadness, between acceptances and negations.

Somehow I wish the time turns back once more, to the very moment when I said I love you.

And I know, with my condition right now, I’ll lost them pretty soon, soon enough for a couple of eyes to blink.

And those whole stories which reside within my memory shall sink to the unknown deep, on their last resting place, until the end of time.

Time already takes you, world already hides you, and now I’m not even sure my mind can not even hold you tight. How still can I say to myself that I love you.

I rode the winds, and they remembered me the place where were night full of sparkling little humble smiles, and where were the day became of vast glittering song of happiness and understanding.

Old Antique Table

On the last street, I was whispering to myself, “Now, I can say my goodbye – perhaps.”

I am leaving my memories here, in this old capital, perhaps – someday in future – I get a chance of returning, even when I can’t remember a single thing, what I left behind shall lead me – since they were made by hearts.

I am leaving, I am alone, and still I am in love. Yes, it makes me feel like being a human now.

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  1. you said:” Somehow I wish the time turns back once more, to the very moment when I said I love you” …

    I said: “Somehow I wish the time turns back once more, to the very moment when I was still a child where everything was still simple and innocent …”

    *am I getting “peterpan sindrome” here. 😀 …


  2. The old capital? Do you mean Jogja? Where are you going then?

    I have so many memories in this city. Full of loves. I’m lucky can feel it till now even I left the city since 2008. I hope I will feel it forever.


  3. the ‘paing’ (bitterness) the ‘legi’ (sweetness) in the journey of our life, are all beautiful; open the book again then we learn, then we know… how become wise.


    1. Thanks dr. Vicky.

      Hmm… I think I am leaving early in next February, since my scholarship already stopped, I don’t think I won’t survive any longer here :D.


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