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Into A New Chapter

I’ve been on my own full mind lately, so I nearly have no time to write something. Somehow, I do think I understand what it means entering a new chapter, well it’s not the first time, but it’s instead a new arch in this life.

So, a new chapter perhaps it means for a new topic, a new arch, or just a new joke in this life – as to how my friends and families start to ask: when will you get a partner in this life? You should begin to get a serious relationship, shouldn’t you? Or something like that. Ah, really, when people get into those sub-arches, I know how life can be so painful – haha…, just kidding.

Of course, I don’t think they say it wrong, or neither I do take the wrong turn – it is just not the time (yet) or should I make a quantum leap on this arch?


In other words, it shall be a particular chapter – but obviously need a unique character to make it complete, one that wins my heart ultimately. How? It would be straightforward, just make me say this sentence…

I shall give my heart to you, I will always be there for you, and I won’t ever let you alone nor let you feel any loneliness.

That is an enchanted spell, the core magic, to perform an eternal contract to the most ancient ruin within me – which is love.

And this chapter still far away, but indeed, it is a new chapter in this life. Perhaps I shall write it, but I won’t deny there is a possibility I won’t add this chapter into my life. Everything has their own harmonies, let them sing, let them dance, so life will be a blissful life.

9 tanggapan untuk “Into A New Chapter”

  1. Hi Cahya, welcome to the new chapter! I believe you can be a better one in this new chapter. 😀


  2. good luck with the new chapter. so are you in Bali now?


    1. Yup, something like that, staying here for now :).


  3. hihihi… welcome to the chapter when people gets busy asking you that question… but you know what.. when you have already found you partner in life … they will ask another question. When will you have a baby?

    after you have your first child, they will ask , when will you give your first child a little sister or brother…. and so on… 🙂

    but time will tell and answer those questions… just chill..


  4. bahasanya berat juga yaa.. ehhehehe.. lemah nih di english..


  5. I shall give my heart to you, I will always be there for you, and I won’t ever let you alone nor let you feel any loneliness.

    the girl said: If i be there with you, could i be strong?


  6. And after you meet ‘her’, you will step to the next chapter, the question will be, “When will both of you give us the baby?”.
    As long as we live, people will have something to ask, hihihi.


  7. Maybe you will take the last chapter before find your true love. 🙂


  8. ah I really know sometimes that question can be really painful and annoying. I agree that we have our own song and our own dance and it can be different from other 🙂


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