A Path for Future

What do you think of future? I always think that future is a non-exist element in this life. Perhaps life is a random walk, but I won’t deny that many people try to shape their future from the very present time.

But no matter what we do, peach tree always a peach tree. You may wish noodles from a peach tree – but in there will a peach for you, just a peach.

Seven years I’ve learning medicine, far away from my homeland. I opened the door to a whole new world, with many different perceptions and points of view.

Medical Doctor Wanna Be

Now, should I reshape my future? Bringing miles of stones, becoming a path of future.

My deeply thanks, to everyone, that has supported me for all these years. For all, only that much I can say, even it formless – but here my – a path of future.

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A writer, a tea & poet lover, a xanxia addict, an accidental photographer, - a medical doctor.

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  1. congratulations…
    7 years is enough to get the name of ‘doctor’, but now your window is open. You is for public and public is in you. They need your help, need what you have in 7 years. Learning is every time and everywhere. The destiny is in your hand…
    btw, you look so handsome…
    i like it.. 🙂


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