Run! Run! Happiness is Chasing You Down!

Ah yes, I remember again that for a lot of people, life is about pursuit of happiness. There were moment when we see people tirelessly chase their dreams, ideals, or perhaps in a simpler way – their life! Yes, you met so hard that you desperately tried everything, just to survive. And that survival would be the form of your very happiness.

Life sometimes so complicated, while you seek for happiness, the opposite is already there, waiting for you to open the door. The old alchemy may state that life is law of equal exchange. Which mean to get happiness, you need to exchange it with something equal, likewise a hard work and so on. The more happiness you wish to get, the more equal exchange needed.

Yes, it is like happiness is chasing you down, with amount of debt that must paid – soon enough, to make sure you are not longing for happiness for too long.

Run, Pepper, Run!

So, if you are now busy to chase down a lot of happiness out there. Beware if happiness is chasing you back.

But it was interesting, the one who finds happiness within, shall no longer chasing down happiness out there. So for him, life already provides everything exactly in enough amount. The one who find happiness within, can share his happiness with everyone around him endlessly, he no longer seek joy from others. And the one who find happiness within, shall not closing the door for fortune and misfortune that knocks at his life’s door.

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3 tanggapan untuk “Run! Run! Happiness is Chasing You Down!

  1. After reading your post, then I think that happiness is a feel of happy in a long term. Feel happy is simple, but not for happiness. So. if you think a happiness will drag you to a complicated condition, just try to make your self happy today. I believe, when you feel happy you’ll do everything you need to chase the happiness easier. Have fun for your life today then whatever you do for your future happiness, it won’t be so that hard.


  2. some people say happiness is too expesive, some again say it’s too cheap..
    what is expensive? what is cheap?
    i don’t know exactly but I’m happy when I meet someone I love..


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