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Time surely changes everything around us, including how the society and personal response to their life questions. I am not living in the past, but perhaps part of my soul trapped there. The ancient wisdom is the mainstream of today life architecture, well at least that should be the reflection of Balinese culture.

There is an unwritten idea, but a (good-natured?)  concept that Balinese should meet the Balinese. This very idea has made a lot of questions addressed to me, why didn’t I try to meet a Balinese girl?

Ah, I don’t like debate for nothing.

Balinese girl # 12

A simple answer would be, “I am yet to meet a Balinese girl, for all I have met are modern ladies from Bali.”

A local wisdom is not something that someone can gain by born there, this heritage neither can be achieve by living there. It is a blessing that given when the time comes, and when you are ready for it. A Balinese girl is the conveyer of this wise heritage.

Yes, I am looking forward to meet a Balinese girl.


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  1. “I am yet to meet a Balinese girl, for all I have met are modern ladies from Bali.”

    i really love this word. Since I’m Balinese as you are, I’ve felt that feeling. maybe if you are so lucky than you’ll meet that Balinese girl, or you’ll only be filled by those Modern ladies.


    1. I believe part of our (refers to our multicultural nation) cultures anywhere would say the same.

      Change gives us a new air, but there are people who still love to stick with the old tradition. Well, give everybody respect, and how they chose their live would be a wise path.


  2. I’ve heard that concept before, that Balinese are supposed to meet Balinese too. I think, Balinese who lives in out of God Island, it’s hard for them to find their candidat….. except when they go back to Bali.
    Bener tak.


    1. Well Mbak Zizy, different family adopts different concept, but generally is a “yes” that’s right. Some are strict “yes”, others just partial “yes”.


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