In the Line of Your Smile

It was this year’s Christmas, around a new humble brick house, in the middle of green rice fields, when the sun hidden between the cloudy sky, after the mountain wind gently danced around what we call a family. Yes, it was there I met you again after a while.

I was wondering, our life are just a short sparkle with the universe timeline. But indeed, we were blessing with so many things beyond the deepest magic of the world creation. Unfortunately, not every single of us were aware of it; well, that just how life works I think.


Yes, it was in the line of your smile the whole world miracles lost their charm. In the line of your smile I saw a new miracle started to grow bigger and stronger.

Perhaps it’s just only my own imagination, but surely my short lifespan has no right to answer whether it shall be a reality or not, since it’s no longer matter in the line of your smile.

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