Meeting the Face of Reality

What sweet is in your mind that is the most sweet thing you ever wish to come true? What passion that you already pull and push around your life so you live your dream to the most extended distance? The final question is, are you a realist or are you a dreamer?

We act, because we have a point of view. We act, because we have the tendencies about what is right or what is wrong. We act, just like a piece of our mind is set  to move in a direction to make us feel safe – whether we are a realist or dreamer.

Then we meet an obvious thing, we call – a reality.


A reality never wear a mask, surely, only because we use a pair glasses of tendency, we see far from what reality whispers us all the time.

If I meet the reality, I want to meet her without any tendency, I want to know her unmasked – naked, I want to hug her passionately, I want to understand her deeply, I want to love her heartful, so I am no other than her in reflection – the reality itself.

So when I taste sweet, it just simply sweet because it is sweet, not because I am realist so it must sweet nor because I am a dreamer, so I wish it to be sweet.

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