Listening to a River of Sadness

In my line of duty, I met so much tears from a friend, a mother, a father, a lover and from the kids. Sometime, I we are lucky, those are tears of happiness. But happy people don’t cry to often, then my job something is sitting by riverside of sadness.

Sadness is not our enemies, even sometime I found it just like a hell that evaporated all hope and happy memories.

Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders / Humanity On Trial

People may think they faced a trial when all hope is gone, when the last ray flickering gone. But we knew before others, that the ray has long gone, only to ease the living all we can do; so the last battle would continue, and the question is – will a miracle come?

While only sadness awaits, what we can do?

I think, I feel, be friend with it; just be friend with it. Sadness isn’t something – I see – that worth to conquer. When humanity tried to conquer sadness, they only ended lost in the flood of sorrow. Make them your friend, that they will show you the other parts of your life, your world, they will help you to completely see the naked you without subtle lies.

Shaking hands with sadness, shall open the new door to a complete humanity within everyone hearts. So then, we’ll understand the nature of it, and walk straight forward without any burden of sadness nor any fear of it. Then I am sitting here, listening to a river of sadness.

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