The Light isn’t Coming Near

How many times we felt trapped, not within a physical boundaries, but within our own incapability? Desperately hope for a way out, but only death ends those await. Perhaps there is a hope, glimmering softly on the far side; just like sitting by the night windows and seeing the moon just about within our reach, but it isn’t.

When I met you, I think I found a lantern that softly light up my way, my path to a brighter place. I don’t hate my dark closed room, when we met I just tough that perhaps what behind the bright hill – made my curiosity stolen, gently but sure.

letting the light in.

And something perhaps a late for me to realize it, is that any curiosity has its price, some are just too much to pay that I wish to turn back time just once more.

Even heart can not advance, time still can not redo.

The light isn’t coming near, yet the darkness becomes such a stranger. This shallowness is killing, and it made understand the old words that “curiosity kill the cat” – even he has nine life.

Fortunately, life  started when there is no light anymore. Enlight our mind, our soul, our heart, our own consciousness – so the path is bright again, even darkness is all around.

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