Distant Little Place Called Hope

The sky can become darker and darker, the land may no longer shakes hand with us, and the time left us will all possible fortune ahead. No more merry-go-round this time to offer our children laugh and joy. I myself, found this kind of moment are the most desperate one.

When nothing around us give a single light of hope, we start to look far away – wish there is hope, enough to share with all of our beloved ones.


The distant perhaps a good place to put our point of view, since all the burden of our origin are far beyond insane. Perhaps distant is a place of god, miracle, fortune, or at least a free land of sorrow.

I believe nothing wrong with believing in it, as long as we keep it in mind, that distant little place called hope made by our incapability of facing reality. While we don’t use it as a run away from the fact that we look at something beyond our realm of toughness, little by little, it may turn into a real hope.

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6 tanggapan untuk “Distant Little Place Called Hope

  1. Yup, nggak ada yang salah dengan semua itu. Semua sah2 aja kok.
    Oh ya, mungkin bagi kita itu harapan yang kecil, tapi bagi orang lain bisa jadi itu suatu harapan yang besar.
    Besar kecilnya harapan tergantung dari sudut pandang kita juga sih terkadang.
    Tapi berharap semua menjadi harapan yang tak sekedar harap 🙂


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