Over the Edge Perspective

How do you see the world? How do I see the world? How do they see the world? Next, how do you believe how the world should look like? How do I, how do they?

The universe is one big pancake, and so-called God (if He truly exist), divides the pancake all over, when a human took one bite, he thinks that he already knew the taste of whole universe, how the universe should tasted like.

The this human would come to you someday and speak, “You do that the wrong way, it doesn’t feel right, you just don’t have any decent taste at all! Life should be like this, and I shall guide you!“; well, that was still tolerable, then something like, “You are wrong, you should be beheaded for your sin, infidel!

Secret Garden

How I see the world, perhaps isn’t the same as yours. We bring our own perspectives. Whether you like or not, other – who are even sharing the same sky – shall not look the sky in the same manners as you. We are our own unique existence, and cannot be replaced by others.

Perhaps you never know or understand how others see the world around you. Because you don’t see it that way, or simply don’t believe it the right way to look at it, it doesn’t mean I can not see that way.

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