Something Amazingly Wrong with Detective Pikachu

It has been only some days that Pokemon: Detective Pikachu’s movie trailer were released to the public. After watching it a couple of time, and a couple of times more, I could not stop to yell (inside my mind) this is the wrong gen of Pokemon and it looks great!

Well, right now in my head, there is a Deadpool wearing Pikachu costume, with his crazy way of thinks and acts.

For those who his childhood never met this cute little lovely yellow power plant, they would not or would never imagine Pikachu and other Pokemon, so perhaps this was okay. But for those who got its’ first-hand release of ’95 version of Nintendo, they would surely show it as a mind-blowing movie trailer.

Well, this trailer is what the opposite of Disney has done to the Brothers Grimm’s works. Perhaps it similar like when Mr. Bean became a badass Jhonny English?

I can’t wait to watch the movie, well even only on Google Play Film (which is the only accessible and affordable way for me to watch new movies), it still worth it.

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