Year Eleventh!

When I look back, I even can’t remember when the first time I wrote on the net. What was my first title on that script? Its already more than eleven years, and yes, this is the year eleventh.

I called myself a writer, not because I wrote so well, but because I love writing. It is a part of me, the way for me to express my flight of ideas.

When I wrote the first time, it was not on a PC or laptop, but on a typewriter machine. It was quite a luxury near the end of last millennium at a remote village in Bali. I spent a lot of time in front of the old machine, other than school works, I work on my first manuscript – which already lost in – I don’t remember where. The sound of manual typewriting is so nostalgic, I love it, I spent hours with joy and tears hearing them born from moment to moment.

That was the past, we don’t dwell with the past.

I have been blogging for around eleven or twelve years now. Ten years ago, the blog was a cool platform (and it is today), the first kind of social media that make netizen got their 2.0 personal web with a simple setup and maintenance, and most of the blog services are free (till today).

When I know blog services, I felt like I found the fountain of eternal youth, something that I never imagine before as a boy who grew up in the countryside with rivers and cows. The blog back then was simple, you just write, add a picture or two if you would like, then post it. You did not care about viewer’s numbers (blogs’ stats), SEO and etc.

There was no smartphone, our GPRS network was not good enough to browse the internet. The Internet cafes were good enough with 56 kbps, far from the speed that they put on their promotion today. But it didn’t stop some people from writing a blog, including me.

I met my other bloggers (online) and made friends, still, friend until today even I never met most of them in reality.

Mostly I wrote about my enthusiast of technology, and other about medicine which is related to my profession, and more around nonsense writing just to kill some time like this one.

If you already read till reach this line, congratulation, you just kill some time like I do.

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