When Leadership is not in your Genes

People are born a leader! At least we have heard that much about being a good leader, and that one of many theories in leadership. Do you believe leader is a talent, and you just didn’t born with that kind of talent?

I do! At least from a couple or more tests on my psychological traits, they showed me I am not an appropriate leader type. Well, I didn’t ask if I would be a good bossy type.

When you play MMORPG, you would have your ideal type of leaders. The handsome one, the cool one, the brave one, the wise one, and all the good things you can imagine that perhaps doesn’t exist in you.

But can you build or temper yourself in to a bonafide leader?

I don’t know, theoretically, perhaps.

First, read as many books about leadership.


Then do a hundred push-up, a hundred sit-ups, a hundred squats, and 10K runs every single day without miss, you would close to become Saitama 😉.

Well, perhaps you will have more imagination about how is a good leader and his or her behind the scenes.


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A writer, a tea & poet lover, a xanxia addict, an accidental photographer, - a medical doctor.

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