Wishes for 2020

I have many wishes for the next 2020, which may show the greed in me. The most important thing is for a ****. Yes, it was privately censored; but let me share the least important one, like I wish my study on master degree will sailing smoothly, or I may have a more sustainable job.

When you work and study at the same time, later you may feel like a walk on a thin layer of ice. You may or may not imagine what kind of hell was below the ice layer.

I am glad to have my blog here, even I don’t write periodically. I love to have a space where I can throw all those waste anytime I want; and yet you may pick it up. 🤣

I am blessed by meeting all those people this year, thanks for all the help and the push. I can wait next year perhaps I’ll meet a more extraordinary encounter.

Happy New Year 2020 to all of you! 🎉🎆

Colorful Fireworks Grid Photo New Year Card

Thanks to all of you for the great 2019, let us wish for a greater 2020! ✨

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