Bhyllabus l'énigme

A Cahya Legawa's Les pèlerins au-dessus des nuages

O Paddy Field

Summer is the season of green and gold
When the mountain of paddy fields unfolds
Its beauty and bounty for all to behold
A sight that never grows old.

The farmers work hard from dawn to dusk
Plowing and planting with care and trust
They hope for a harvest that is fair and just
And pray for a rain that is mild and robust.

The paddy fields sway in the gentle breeze
Like waves of emerald in a vast sea
They whisper and sing with joy and ease
A symphony of nature in harmony.

Summer is the season of green and gold
When the mountain of paddy fields unfolds
Its grace and glory for all to extol
A gift that fills our soul.

The sun shines bright on the mountain peak
Where the paddy fields lie in a mosaic
Of green and yellow, a splendid streak
Of colors that dazzle and mystic.

The birds and bees fly in the air
Pollinating the flowers with flair
They add their music to the affair
A chorus of life that we share.

The farmers tend their crops with love
Nurturing the seeds from above
They know that their work is enough
To feed their families and more thereof.

The sun sets low on the mountain ridge
Where the paddy fields glow in a bridge
Of gold and amber, a stunning image
Of beauty that fills our hearts with courage.


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